What we do

Business Coaching:

Being a business owner is a lonely place! Who is there to facilitate you to create, develop, review and achieve the core plans for your business and the individuals within it?

Business strategy & planning
Coaching and mentoring – Business owners and key team members
90 day plans

We invest time with you and your team, understanding your business, your market, your strengths and your challenges, combined with your goals and aspirations for your business over the coming months and years.

We map out the road ahead, and put in place measurables to ensure you see the return on your investment into your business.

We then coach and facilitate you and your key team members to achieve, evolve and deliver your plan.

Coaches Coach:

To be the best at who you are takes practice, focus and application. You know that; you support others in achieving their goals. Who is supporting you in achieving yours?

1-1 support for you in your business
Congruency in what you do
Leveraging your time and results
Accountability and responsibility

Coaches often find themselves getting ‘drawn in’ to their clients business, putting at risk the greatest strength a coach has when working with business owners; being the external voice, external sounding board and mentor.

A coaches coach ensures you stay at the top of your game. We review and agree your goals, your plan and we put in place the framework for a rolling 12 month program.

Therapist Coach:

Your gift is changing peoples lives. How do they put a price on that? How do you for that matter? First you need to be in a good place to be able to help others. Secondly they need to know what you offer.

Professional Selling
Understanding your USP
Develop your product set
Repeat business

Mapping out your offering and your service in a format that allows you to bill effectively for your gift is the end result of what we do.

First we start with your identity toward selling and sales. We develop your confidence and ability in promoting your services to your target audience.

Finally we ensure you are clear of your USP and how to build a business that offers repeat business.

Youth Mentoring:

Working with families, communities and government bodies to achieve a common ground, building on existing relationships and creating new opportunities for all our futures.

Education – further education and vocational qualifications
Unemployed – back into the workplace
Young families – parents returning to the workplace
Mentoring programs – families and 1-1

Joining up the support networks available and putting in place key objectives with individuals and organisations to deliver the results for both parties.

You can achieve, all you need is the right support and to make a start


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