Interview Tips for Girls… Bloody Babies!

This is the best blog to come out of @bloodyrecruiter and she writes some awesome stuff.

Hard conversations are made harder by people who choose to avoid the situation….being assertive and knowing how to handle situations, how to handle yourself in those situations and know how to ensure the other people involved feel good about the experience.

This is why, Amanda is quite simple, the best at what she does.

Read, learn, digest and implement. Or try ignorance…it’s far more costly!

birchwood Recruitment

I know this may appear sexist to have additional interview tips for girls but the fact is that ladies have matters they have to consider before interview that men just don’t. We all know that prospective employers are prohibited from asking gender specific questions. Do not believe that just because the interviewer cannot ask the question they are not desperate for the answer.

So, let’s deal with the shocking truth… women have babies! (and here is mine, isn’t he just lush, he is a bit bigger than this now)

My general advice in interview is that you tell the truth. Honesty is always the best policy whatever the subject during interview. However, I am not suggesting that you walk into the interview and announce you have no plans to breed, and nor would I expect you to advise that you have to leave within the hour as you are ovulating!…

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