Prostitution or Sales?

Which came first….or is that question inappropriate!

People - Performance - Profitability

Sales is the oldest profession known to man….some say marketing is. Those who live in denial of both may claim that prostitution is the oldest trade.

Think about it logically, for the act of sex to actually take place, a trade would have to have taken place and potentially the person in question may have needed to ‘market their wares’ before the trade began, either way Sales and Marketing definitely came before prostitution.

So let’s carry on the theme of sex and see where we end up…

Back in the day you could no doubt, club one over the head, drag them back and fulfil your desire and coupled with the need to please to ensure food was provided the act of sex was regularly given and taken. There was need, demand and little competition.

As people gathered together to grow their strength in numbers, naturally competition crept in and…

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