Who would you be?

A need to perfect,

Who’d be a chef?

Face constant abuse,

Who’d be a ref?

Low pay and long hours,

Who’d be a nurse?

Family in mourning,

Who’d drive a hearse?

Surrounded by doubters,

Who’d be a preacher?

Uncontrollable children,

Who’d be a teacher?

Swimming in darkness,

Who’d be a diver?

Queued on the M6,

Who’d be a driver?

Broken down fields,

Who’d be a farmer?

A broken old heart,

Who’d be a charmer?

In another life, who would you be?

I’d be me…that’s who I’d be!

Adam Brooks – 1996 ©


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One response to “Who would you be?

  1. You clever, creative thing you. This is a beautiful piece… this is the you that you don’t always share and I love that you are showing this part of your soul to the world at large x

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