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OK…so when a client ‘gets it’ and I mean truly ‘gets it’ they begin to shine. My role as a coach is a very privileged position, one I take very seriously. I choose clients based on my belief in them and their ethics. When the fruits begin to bare and it takes toil for the fruits to appear, it is the most amazing thing. People see, hear and feel the business and the people within the business shift. Then the knock on effect to clients, customers and peers. Only leaves me one thing left to say Mand, “You get it” now onto the next stage. Stay brilliant.

birchwood Recruitment

I have talked about the C word on my blog (http://wp.me/p1PIh3-2J); openly and freely, and with no shame, or guilt. I am going to talk about is again, along with a word I am much less comfortable with… the R word!        I am a Caring Recruiter

I know more than most how little those 2 words can mean when put together. I was asked recently by a graduate about my job, business and the industry so I told him. It struck me that I talk a lot on here about the dark side, the bad experiences candidates and clients have shared with me over my time in the industry, so I am taking the opportunity to redress the balance by showing:

I Love – Selling in 2 different ways to 2 different types of people everyday

I Love – Helping people

I Love – Being a…

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