A week in the life of…

Some people wake on a Monday with a fear or dread…I never have. I believe that is because I have always chosen what I do.

I recently drew a timeline from the year of my birth to current day and I drew the line in the middle of the page. I then asked myself to remember years in my life, when I was happiest and when I was….well, a lesser me!

It was a brilliant exercise and one that showed to me something very very clearly. I am happiest, when I choose. Now that may see, simple to some, but stop and think for a minute…When I choose!

When I was being schooled…I had to do things the way others said…I didn’t always agree and if I felt my values were compromised I would stand up for myself…’spirited’ they called me back then! Then working for someone else as I grew to become a man. Varying my roles and therefore varying my experiences. Growing with every role, challenging myself and finding a way to make it fun, make it something I can give my all too. That was my choice.

SO….I choose Monday’s to be excellent every week. The beginning of a whole new week of opportunity.

When Monday 14th May came round, it was like any other Monday. Hit it…head on. Make it happen.

Two hours into the day, I found myself having raised two investigations with two Police Constabularies here in the UK. I was sitting in my office staring at a loss of £4k and wondering how a person can mimic a company, place orders fraudulently, appear to be organised in their make up and yet be of no interest to the Police! Apart from sorting some business that day, most of Monday was taken up with damage limitation.

Tuesday saw a completely different day. Damage limitation over, time to recoup some money!

Contact = Prospects

Prospects = Opportunity

Opportunity = Sales

Sales = Money

I picked up where the last few weeks had been heading, with my game head on, I utilised the power of the phone and began building relationships, building on relationships and closing some sales. Allowing myself time at the end of each day to reflect, record and measure my performance. Then business planning time…what is missing? What needs to change? What needs to improve…difficult conversations at time to have with ourselves…not because were alone, but because we can let ourselves off the hook all to easy. The answers we reach ‘can’ be half-hearted, easier, less stretching perhaps. So time to call my coach. As ever, she was there. She was awesome and things began to slot into place.

As the week progressed, I chose to take control of elements that I can control and release energy on those that I cannot affect.
I moved forward.
My business moved forward.
My customers moved forward.

By Thursday, I had pumped some meetings into my diary for next week. Met with a fabulous organisation and charity regards a learning program (which is by the way going to be unstoppable) I am involved with, met with a Kite Surfer who is looking to grow his business with someone who doesn’t drop everything when the wind is up. Met with an applications developer who wants his technology to become a household name…now this is going to be meaty! Oh how I love a challenge.

Friday wrapped everything up nicely with some breakthroughs with a client, they moved forward this week one hell of a lot. A culmination of hard work, emotional rollercoaster and some tough conversations to achieve an outcome. Very proud coach here.

Friday afternoon ended with a new client coming on board who runs a fantastic business networking business, exciting times ahead.

See, when you choose…and I mean actually CHOOSE to do something. You take OWNERSHIP of it…which means you naturally give it and yourself ACCOUNTABILITY to achieving it and therefore demonstrate in actions, not words, true RESPONSIBILITY for it.

It’s Sunday now, I have a whole new Monday tomorrow…and between you, me and however many people read this…I cant bloody wait!

Choose life people. Choose, be proud, be abnormal, be awesome and above all, be true to you.






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2 responses to “A week in the life of…

  1. A really enjoyable read, it is great to see what someone truly does warts and all. I am so glad that I am not the only one that loves a Monday!!! Have an amazing week!!

  2. Great read, will approach Mondays differently from now on.

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