That wont work here!

“Yeh…that won’t work in my business!”

I await the day to be proven correct by this statement…believe me. I hear it all the time.

You see…I have no interest in just turning up and carrying out a training course in your business, taking a big cheque and running off to the hills with an “I’ve done my bit, over to you Mr business Owner” attitude. I have my brand to protect.

This is, for one clear and simple reason…and that is ‘training’ per se does not work. That’s right, I just publicly said (as a seasoned trainer, that training doesn’t work…per se).

The Latin meaning for per se is ‘In Itself’ and that’s the point. When I take on a client, I need to understand the birth of the business, the dream, the idea. Then we invest time looking at the here and now.

What did you get into business for..?

What did you set out to achieve, what were you goals?

And, where are you now in relation to that dream? The reasons? The goals?

Ah…I see…excellent, so we have some work to do, plenty of opportunity to achieve what you wanted to achieve in the first place. So where do we start?

We start at the beginning. Before we do let me set out my stall and clarify a few things. And please, take this as it is meant. I have no intention of telling you that you have an ugly baby…even if you do, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the business owner and the beholder, sometimes however it is difficult to see what is right in front of you, primarily because of that very reason…it is right in front of you, meaning you are IN it…I can see things, not because I have the mystic skills of The Mentalist Patrick Jane or the fork bending ability of Uri Geller,

it is because I am not IN your business. I can stand outside of your business and look ON your business. When the magic starts to happen is when you join me.

So here are the raw truths…

YES your business is unique to you…if we search hard enough we will find others doing something similar somewhere in the world, so what makes you unique?

NO your industry isn’t so niche that the basic principles of what makes a business successful  will not work in your business.

And YES, the only thing stopping you achieving what you set out to achieve in the first is actually YOU.

Now we have that on the table, we can move on. Let’s begin with a little bit of lab work.

We need to turn the microscope on your business and move it around a bit. Not because I disbelieve what you are telling me, your beliefs are your beliefs. A friend once said to me, if you tell yourself something enough times you will start believing it. So your truths about your business are your truths, they’re just not mine. How could they be? I don’t know your business yet, that is why we start at the beginning.

Once we understand some key elements like…

What plans do you run and operate in your business?

What is your sales process?

What team do you have or what plans for a team do you have?

What are the challenges you or your team are facing in the business?

How do you make your money?

What are your margins in your business?

What is happening in your marketplace?

What makes you different?

What does the P&L look like, on any given day?

When we have invested some time here, we will begin to discover a few very important base foundations to grow from and grow we will. Apart from anything else, we need to find my fee!

What comes next is specific to your business. It has to be to work for you and your business and you will be involved 100% of the way. If you are not prepared for that…then don’t hire me. I can refer you to many consultants who focus in just one particular area and come with a ‘do that for you’ approach.

What we utilise to deliver the ‘what comes next’ isn’t something that NASA created, it is a combination of ingredients that are used in all successful businesses and it WILL work in yours because you have a business (or at least I hope you do, because I may be in the wrong room)

If you want some evidence of this, read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

Those ingredients look like…

Profit and loss, cashflow forecast and breakeven calculations

Sales Process

Marketing Process

Account Management/Customer Service Process

HR, Team and Individual development plans & processes

A measure tool (all will be explained)

A form of CRM

To mention a few…

In short this is the formula to understand and it is as I say not designed by NASA…

“Systems run a business. People run systems.”

Here comes the ‘Sales’ bit…

When you are ready to get serious about your business. Click here and get in touch. I will contact you and arrange a time suitable to us both and we can begin the process.

Again, to be clear. It will feel like more work, It will cost you money, it will be worth it. That I Guarantee.



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3 responses to “That wont work here!

  1. salesacademy2012

    Reblogged this on salesacademy2012 and commented:
    Interesting…and very true

  2. Speaking as a client of Applying You this describes the process perfectly. If you are looking for someone to constantly stroke your ego then you are not in the right place to speak with them yet, When you have your own company it is your baby, and you are precious (even when you think you are not). Allowing someone else into my baby’s life was the hardest thing I have done with my business since starting it, but I am so glad I made that call.

    There may be tears. There will be laughter… it will make the difference you have been looking for.!

  3. Reblogged this on birchwoodrecruit and commented:
    A fantastic read, really hit hope. Please read and share!!

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