Ever had a client inflict silence upon you!

birchwood Recruitment

The Silence

THE SILENCE, A fictitious religious order from Dr Who and the worst nightmare for every recruitment project!

The phone rings and it’s a new vacancy; fantastic! The recruiter asks all the right questions, explains the process, the client gives the recruiter a wish list the size of the galaxy and wahoo for the recruiter (try not to spend the commission yet wont you! and remember clients can here that!) The client then breathes a massive sigh of relief; in many cases the client feels that their job is done. A horrible job delegated, spec passed to the expert, and the next thing recruiters get is ‘THE SILENCE’ – no, not the scary people from Dr Who (although that would be better at times) the deafening quiet from the oh so excited client who now only wants information emailed and is not answering any of you follow-up questions. At this point the…

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