OMG…I have crabs!


In the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ – Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of the Hawaiian Black Crabs.  If you go down to the beach early in the morning you can easily find black crabs.  You just toss them in your bucket and continue walking on the beach.  Now those crabs start thinking, “We’re bumping around in this little bucket making a lot of noise but going nowhere.”


Eventually, one crab looks up and thinks, “There’s a whole new world up there.  If I could just get my foot up over the edge, I could get out, get my freedom and explore the world in my own way.”  So he stretches up, pushes a little, and sure enough, gets one foot over the edge.  But just as he is about to tip the balance and go over the edge — a crab from the bottom of the bucket reaches up and pulls him back down.  Instead of encouraging him and seeing how they could help each other get to freedom one by one, they pull anyone attempting back down into that confining bucket where nothing but a boiling pot of water is waiting for them.  Nobody in that bucket is going to end up a winner.


Unfortunately, that’s not an uncommon picture of the world in which we live and work.  Many of us live around a bunch of Black Crabs, ready to ridicule any new idea we have and just as eager to pull us back down to their level of performance.  Small thinkers find it much easier to tell you why something won’t work than to help you find a solution.  People who feel trapped and are struggling at a low level of success are seldom the ones who will cheer you on to a new endeavour.  Prejudice and bigotry are rooted in the same mentality – people who somehow feel better about their own miserable existence by pulling others down.


I was talking to someone very dear to me today and recounted this story, one that I Interpret this way…Society is the bucket. I am the black crab. The masses are the other crabs.


I am finding more crabs like me now that I am over the lip of the bucket, now I have stopped looking down in the bucket and allowing myself to be pulled back down in the bucket amongst the other crabs.


At this point I need to very clear. I am not saying I am better, I am however different. I do not belong in that bucket. I have found that one of the key characteristics of successful people is that they hang around people who are already performing at the level at which they want to perform.


There will always be naysayers and whiners; avoid them. Avoid the black crabs around you. Find winners and invest time with them.


Now that is worth thinking about!




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8 responses to “OMG…I have crabs!

  1. Loving this post….and avoiding the black crabs!

  2. Catchy title mate made me click and yes I love Kiyosaki’s words of wisdom!

  3. birchwoodrecruit reblogged this on birchwoodrecruit and commented: Fantastically put, you are much more diplomatic than I am!!

  4. KB

    Great, something to think about, although am I in the bucket or over the lip?!?!?

  5. Hello just thought i would certainly let you know something.. It is 2 times now i’ve landed on your website inside the last 3 weeks hunting for totally unrelated things. Odd or what?

  6. Food for thought on a Friday afternoon!! Love it

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