Ambush or Self sabotage is when you are working against yourself and your goals. It does not have any rationale behind it and you are not even sure why you resort to behavior and action that is not good for you.

Some signs of self sabotage

1) Procrastination on a regular basis
2) Not able to succeed in spite of all the hard work and carefully planned strategies.
3) Getting close to the goal and then giving up.
4) Constant failure

This is a topic that doesn’t receive a lot of attention when it comes to creating the life you really want and reaching your goals is the topic of self sabotage. A lot of people view the concept of self sabotage as something almost esoteric and mystic that suddenly shows up when you have started gaining success and sweep you off your feet, they also think that there is nothing you can do about it and that you might as well surrender to it before it comes.

None of the above is true and concept of self sabotage is actually a very simple one. It is closely associated to what you feel you deserve in life and if you ever go beyond your sense of deservedness you will suddenly start doing some things that you can’t really understand, but you know that they are indirectly holding you back from reaching your goal. These things having nothing mystical about them and can be something like suddenly becoming very lazy, not doing all the things you know you are supposed to do, not taking action, not returning crucial phone calls, not showing up to key meetings etc.

Basically you are doing a lot of things that will indirectly lead to you not reaching your goals. This is because you at a sub conscious level don’t feel you deserve the amount of success you are achieving and therefore try to sabotage it, so you can get back to the comfortable situation you used to have before you started getting successful.

The most important thing when it comes to stopping this cycle is to constantly be aware of why you are taking the actions you are taking and cutting away all the things you are doing that are actually holding you back and not getting you closer to your goal. The more you focus on your everyday actions and which are getting you closer to your goals and which are getting you further away, the easier it will become for you to stop the process of self sabotage.

Once you become better at controlling this process you will naturally start gaining more and more success. The more success you gain the more comfortable you will become with it and your sense of deservedness will increase, in other words your beliefs about yourself and your value will change and you will feel that you deserve only the best life has to offer.

Self Sabotage is caused by two main reasons

1) General Polarity Reversal
Our body consists of meridians which carry the energy through out our body. We can think of the meridians like rivers along which the electricity in our body flows. This flow has been called many other names such as, chi, prana, life force, electromagnetic, electrical or just energy.

These subtle energy circuits have a polarity and the polarity sometimes gets reversed due to years of negative thinking, depression, addictions etc. A battery operated instrument will not operate unless the batteries are placed with the correct polarity. Similarly, unless the polarity in our energy system (polarity reversal) is corrected we will continue to block success.

One of the ways of correcting polarity reversal is with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

2) Secondary Benefit Syndrome
The subconscious mind feels that it is better and safer to hold on to a problem rather then to eliminate it and move forward. Your subconscious mind assumes that it has to keep you safe and opposes any change. There is also some hidden benefit of keeping the problem. You may not be aware of it and may deny it but if you take time to explore, you will find the reasons.

Ask yourself these questions
* What would happen if this problem was not there anymore?
* What would you be focusing after you resolve this problem?
* What makes it impossible to heal this problem?

Some people hold on to excess weight because they know they have to focus on marriage or another commitment that they are fearful about. The excess weight and the weight loss programs keep them occupied and safe. This is not a conscious decision.

Similarly some people hold on to depression (at a subconscious level) because they have some fears about moving forward.

Refusing to forgive people who have hurt you and holding on to anger is also a form of self sabotage as you are only harming yourself and not the person who hurt you.

Once the self sabotage and the reasons behind it is healed, the progress towards your goals will be smooth and joyful.

Now that is worth thinking about!


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