You want the truth…you cant handle the truth!

Everyday…every single day. The possibilities are limited only by what you believe you are capable of and what you believe is possible.

Now there is something I have to put out there…some of you may be aware of the term, some of you may be shocked, and others it may resonate for the first time, whichever applies to you, one thing for sure is the term will apply to you for certain.

I learnt the term a long time ago and to be truthful, for a while it was a bitter pill. One that at first I defended didn’t understand and then acknowledged but couldn’t accept.

As time went on, and the mirror continued to be held up…I succumb to the fact that it was an absolute truth, then the fantastic realisation came next. It was up to me, it was all up to me.

I had the power as I had the choice. Each day I could choose whether I listened and dismissed or listened and did something about it.

So here it is….no easy way to say it other than this….

Are you ready……pin your ears back…

“We develop Bullshit Beliefs”

Sorry late me rephrase that and make it more personal for you

“You, develop Bullshit Beliefs”

And here is the fantastic realisation for you…


Let me put it another way. Every one of us have little voice in our heads (and anyone reading this who doesn’t believe you have, that’s just the little voice in your head popped up and told you that). Our sub conscious has developed a defence mechanism over time, in short it will not put you in a position of harm intentionally, and however in doing this…sometimes, it holds us back.

If you face a new challenge what does your brain instantly shout to you…”Don’t do it”…”Beware” “What happens if”

At this point we normally develop doubts and some of us turn and run…’fight or flight’

Some of us listen to these BB’s (we will call them this from here on in, for watershed reasons J) and use them to drive us, to shape us, to challenge ourselves to achieve more and we become competitive with us.

So you can choose to dismiss or accept them and let the BB’s run you, or you; like myself and many others can choose to turn these into a force to drive you forward, not hold you back.


This is how I did it:

Step 1

Realisation – becoming aware that I manifested, held and developed BB’s

Step 2

Acceptance – that these are very real and they impact my life daily

Step 3

Accountability – take charge. Commit to myself to do something about them

Step 4

Listen and Record – consciously listen and record (write them down) as they pop into your head (the voices, the responses to yourself and your ideas)

Step 5

Trends – notice any trends, similar BB’s that repeatedly appear

Step 6

Affirmations – Construct counter beliefs, which affirm what you are capable of, what is possible and what you want to achieve.

Step 7

Repetition – continually repeat the above steps 4-6 and train your brain

You can obliterate these thoughts or you can use them to drive you on.

Or you can do nothing and continue

Remember, the boiling point of water is 100 °C (212 °F) at standard pressure. At 211 nothing happens, at 212, it turns into steam and steam can power a locomotive…the difference of one degree. What could that one degree of difference mean in your life?

(courtesy of the 212 movie, a must see


Now that is worth thinking about!


Applying You  – You; Simply Better




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2 responses to “You want the truth…you cant handle the truth!

  1. Nice one….and so very true!

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