You cannot control circumstances, Just how you respond to them – Lisa Judd.

This is so heartfelt and raw….and in turn truly inspiring.

You Cannot Control Circumstances, Just How You Respond To Them!

There are many things that happen in life that we don’t understand. We could spend our lives wondering why and sometimes eventually learn the reasons, but other times we never do. That’s okay, too.

I’ve personally gone through quite a few things in my life that, quite honestly, I don’t understand and probably never will. I let them bother me for a long time but, slowly, I began to accept them as things I would never understand.

For instance, there’s my dad, a brilliant, healthy, loving husband and father. He came down with Parkinson’s disease and suffered a long, drawn out and grueling death. He had no vices, always ate very healthy, exercised regularly, but still came down with this miserable, depilating disease. It was truly a blessing when he didn’t have to suffer any longer after spending the last years of his life bedridden.

Then, there’s my husband. He was such a good person and loved by all. He was a wonderful father, husband and friend. He always had a smile for everyone. But, twelve days after my dad passed away, my husband went to check on my mom at her assisted living facility and never made it home. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. He and my mom watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,“ and I spoke with both of them one time while he was there. On his way home from this loving and thoughtful mission, my husband was in an accident with another vehicle and died. I hadn’t even finished grieving my father’s death and coming to grips with that when, all of a sudden, I also had to deal with my husband’s tragic and unexpected death. The one thing that comforted me through it all was that I knew both my father and my husband were together, in a much better place, probably playing golf on some awesome clouds.

Lastly, we have my mom, the most beautiful woman I know. Mom is currently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She went through the very forgetful stage for quite some time, but when dad became really sick, the worry and stress of the situation weighed heavily on her and seemed to accelerate her condition. Nowadays, I’m usually her sister or cousin, not her daughter. I know this disease will only continue to get worse with time and there will come a day when she won’t even recognize me at all.

Through each of these experiences, I have come to the conclusion that I’m not supposed to understand why they have happened, and I’m good with that. Sure, I could remain upset, continue to question why, and be miserable the rest of my life, but that’s a choice I don’t choose to make. In my heart, I know it’s a choice my family wouldn’t want me making either. Instead, I choose to remain positive, knowing there is something bigger out there for my life. I have gone through these experiences and have come out the other side a much stronger person for a reason; to be able to encourage and help those individuals and families who experience similar life tragedies.

So, instead of focusing on the negatives and asking why, I just give thanks for the many great years spent with my father, thanks for the joy of sharing a wonderful marriage with a loving husband who gave me a beautiful son, and thanks for the opportunity to still enjoy my mom’s company and make the most of our time together.


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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Adam. I look forward to a long and fruitful friendship. Lisa 🙂

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